Like Two Paper Airplanes Flying ☆

I will be using my own pictures in the future, but I didn’t have time to take any today so here’s a Tumblr pic for you!


SongOut Of The Woods, by Taylor Swift.
Mood – Rainy.
Smell – Apple cider candles & football.

For anyone who doesn’t know me, here’s a warning – I’m absolutely random, and I’m not a good writer. Proceed with caution.

Anyway, my name is Jenna. I’m old enough to have seen Justin Bieber turn from adorable child pop star to petty criminal who hasn’t even been able to crack the Top 100. WordPress has been my second home for almost a year now, and I’ve enjoyed every moment – painstakingly adjusting pictures, adding borders, and of course, writing stories that make you laugh or cry or cough or do a mixture of both. I wish I had a polaroid camera, but I take photos anyway of things like Starbucks cups and my Kate Spade agenda. Too much cake makes me barf, but I blow out the candles anyway on April 2nd. And I love Europe, Leslie Knope, strawberries, Gemma Ward, mint, Sour Patch Kids, erasers, scented candles, Italian soda, and you. ♥

As for my blog, Swallowed In Serendipity is going to be a feminist mismash of challenges, tags, thinking, advice, personal blogs, and trying to avoid stalkers. Love you, Bell!

Tune in next week for my first real post. Until then!