the title above? NOT EVEN CLICKBAIT. this is 100% real, you guys. and 100% AWESOME!!!!!

(i’m not affiliated with benefit cosmetics)

Copyright Benefit Cosmetics.

So, I’ve been a big fan of Benefit for a long-a$$ time now, especially their They’re Real! mascara and their push-up liner. Amanda’s post about her experience at their brow bar and how overall awesome it was made me think for a long while about getting a wax, despite my extreme FEAR OF PAIN. But I’ve never been a bigger fan until now…

Benefit is giving out FREE brow products! (It’s to promote their new line) All you have to do is get at least 10 friends to sign up for the brow gel, 20 friends for the gel and ‘instant color highlights’, and 30 friends for a brow pencil, the highlights, and gel. And out of everyone signing up, 3 people will get the COMPLETE BROW KIT!!!! Okay, that one’s kind of a reach, but stil!!!!

Super amazing, right, you’re super thankful, right?

Please sign up, if you’re going to, using my link! And not just because I’ll get a FABULOUS brow gel and maybe even a highlighter and pencil, because you will too!


p.s. here’s my link again, in case the one above doesn’t work.