why jeff weldon should be kicked out of big brother, right now

(contains spoilers from the live feeds for the current season of bb17)


 Hey, CBS!

Now, we already knew that this season was going to have a resident a$$hat (following patterns from the last two seasons of Big Brother). Jace Agolli, the Hayden-meets-frat-boy of the season, put up some good competition by returning to high school and “bullying” the nerd in the house, which you so kindly didn’t mention in the edited episodes. However, following these events on your live feeds, Jeff Weldon has it won.

If you don’t know what happened (of course you do), last night, Jeff was sharing a bed per Big Brother custom, since there aren’t enough beds for everyone in the house to have their own, with Liz/Julia Nolan, who is part of a twist that has her switching places with her identical twin. She had a bandana over her eyes that stopped her from seeing anything he was doing. While they were talking, he appeared to be masturbating under the covers. Then, he turned to her back and patted it, telling her that there was a “sticky, gray stain” on her tank top. Regardless if this was actually semen or some other nasty fluid from ‘down there’, it goes without saying that this was completely inappropriate. By law, this qualifies as sexual harassment.

Now, we know that Big Brother has had their houseguests do some pretty sketchy things in the past. It’s bound to happen when you put 10 – 16 good looking, privileged people who’ve been protected from the consequences of their behavior in a house where they have to tear each other apart for half a million dollars. But in all my binge watching, I have never seen something as blatantly disgusting as this. This is partly due, of course, to me having not seen the live feeds for seasons 1-14, but still – Jeff Weldon’s actions are unprecedented for TV and unfair towards Liz and Julia. And he needs to know that.

So, basically, your job is to do two things. One – make Liz and Julia Nolan aware of what happened, and two – expel or at least issue a penalty to Jeff for his actions and show your viewers exactly what happened. He needs to know that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated by you, the producers, or by America. I hope, that at least this once, that you can set good television and “twisty twist twist twists” aside to right a wrong in the house.


p.s. – please sign this petition to expel jeff from the house.

a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

when i first started wordpress, i wasn’t a teenager yet, all the ‘hawt blogs’ of the day still posted (remember when?), people actually looked forward to winter blogging because of all the cool features (falling snow! sweater backgrounds! new years posts!) instead of dreading it (no blogs, anyone?), and i didn’t even know what aim was.

Hey, person reading this.

It was November 2013, and I was – as most people’s tales start – googling Massie Block. Back then, I’d just finished reading the series and I honestly wanted to be her. I gobbled up WikiPages and even the eHow on “how to be like Massie”. Then, in the tiny little suggestion bar on the bottom of page 1, was “massie block blog”. The first blog I stumbled across was XOMB, and close to follow were Classy Kristen Gregory and XoXo Alicia Hearts You (better known as CKG and XOXOAHY). Yeah, I’d say it was pretty dang enchanting, the pictures of Tumblr girls and fashion bloggers plastered all over blog after blog.

And, in rapid fire succession, I decided to make my own blog. How hard could it be? My first blog (“blawggie”) went by the name of kisskisskrisgregory, and featured a solid green background and the default blue text displaying the wonderful title. The first post was equally enchanting, aligned to the left with an array of bright emojis complementing the blurry pictures of Emily Van Camp. If you’re curious, that endeavor morphed into TheKGDiaries (dig up my skeletons, go on).

That blurry ole’ thing eventually expanded to many blurry ole’ things. In fact, I once juggled six blogs at a time! There were countless hours spent on saving pretty pictures to my files or trying to come up with a creative post format or stretching and editing photos to make headers. I’ll never forget the deadly, charming Isabelle Navarre, or the almost-punk Danielle Rae, or the straight out of a fairytale character Goldilocks. At that point, there were many blogs on WordPress, and everyone often stayed up past midnight talking. Sure, there was the fair bit of drama, but that comes with being teenage girls that have never met each other face to face.

Long story short, it’s been a wonderful journey on WordPress, and even though most of the girls I talked with during the summer are gone by the wayside, the few and faithful continue our journey. Massie Block, Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil, Kristen Gregory, Claire Lyons – five, bratty, spoiled teenagers that were written about in a 2006 novel we’re all too old for. Yet who could have imagined?

For the past year, I’ve seen these characters and many others through my eyes and 25+ other girls’. And as two years creeps up on me, I’d like to say a belated thank you. Thank you to Lisi Harrison, the queen mother, Elizabeth McLaughlin and all the other ‘The Clique’ movie actresses, FotoFlexer, the WP app, WeHeartIt, AIM, coffee, other bloggers, everyone and everything else, and most of all, you, dear reader.

Thanks. It’s been great, and it will be until everyone decides it isn’t.


tmi tag

the tmi tag is a set of 50 questions usually answered by youtubers.

questions ;

1. what are you wearing?

A high-low, navy blue t-shirt with little flowers & lace on the bottom and Lululemon yoga pants (bite me).

2. have you ever been in love?

I mean, do you count Aubrey Plaza?

3. have you ever had a terrible break up?

No, since I’ve never been in a (romantic) relationship.

4. how tall are you?

5’3″. I’m a midget (though I’m still growing).

5. how much do you weigh?

100 pounds even.

6. any tattoos?


7. any piercings?

No again.

8. otp?

April and Andy from Parks & Rec and Zankie.

9. what is your favorite show?

Either Friends, Big Brother, or Once Upon A Time.

10. who are your favorite bands?

Florence + The Machine, Haim, and The 1975.

11. something you miss?

Elementary school. No homework, and your biggest worry was if someone would like the fairy princess costume you bought for Halloween.

12. favorite song?

Right now it’s What Kind of Man by Florence + The Machine or Florida Kilos by Lana Del Rey.

13. how old are you?

The same age as the number of this question.

14. zodiac sign?


15. quality you look for in a partner?

Not an idiot.

16. what is your favorite quote?

“I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker” – Beyonce.

17. who is your favorite actor?

Emma Stone, probably.

18. favorite color?

White (yes, I know it’s a shade).

19. loud music or soft?


20. where do you go when you’re sad?

To my bed.

21. how long does it take you to shower?

Depends, but at my very longest 45 minutes.

22. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

At very most 10 minutes.

23. have you ever been in a physical fight?


24. turn on’s?

The TV remote.

25. turn off’s?

Wii’s and VCRs. I mean, who even uses those?

26. the reason I made this blog?

I thought making a rl blog was ~*tReNdY*~ after just joining WordPress.

27. what are your fears?

Insignificance and being excluded.

28. last thing that made you cry?

A movie. More specifically, Nightjohn. It was so stupid, yet I still cried.

29. last time you said you loved someone?

My mom, this afternoon when I talked to her on the phone.

30. meaning behind your blog name?

From a combination of the Coldplay song “Swallowed In The Sea” and everyone’s favorite word, serendipity.

31. last book you read?

Emma by Jane Austen.

32. the book you’re currently reading?

Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot (the new installment in the Princess Diaries series).

33. last show you watched?

The Big Brother 17 premiere!

34. last person you talked to?

My padre.

35. the relationship between you and the last person you texted?


36. what is your favorite food?

This is a drink, but bubble tea.

37. place you want to visit?


38. last place you were?

On the couch eating Nutella from the jar.

39. do you have a crush?

I’m going to answer this question with two words: Chris Pratt.

40. last time you kissed someone?

My madre this morning.

41. last time you were insulted?

Probably sometime over the course of this last month.

42. favorite flavor of sweet?

Blue raspberry flavored anything.

43. what instruments do you play?

The piano.

44. favorite piece of jewelry?

It used to be this cute lil bracelet with delicate gold star charms, but it broke.

45. last sport you played?

I went on a hike last Saturday.

46. last song you sang?

Yoncé after answering question #16.

47. favorite pick up line?

“How you doin’?” – Joey Tribbiani.

48. have you ever used it?

In joking with my friends, yes.

49. last time you hung out with anyone?

Last Wednesday.

50. who should answer these questions next?

Anyone who wants to.

So there’s my TMI Tag. Everything you hoped to know, or didn’t want to know, according to YouTube.

I realize this was kind of a crap post and a filler, but in my defense, there’s like, no time to think these days. I mean, I invest a lot of energy in sitting on the couch eating chips and watching endless episodes of last season’s The Bachelor.

Joking aside, I hope I’ll have a better post queued up for you guys by Sunday, when I’ll be in the Rocky Mountains with no wifi.


sad girl, rad girl

for those of you who haven’t seen them on instagram or twitter or tumblr: many social media accounts are popping up all over the internet using tags like “anxiety princess” and “sad teen queen”, touting mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety as – excuse the cliche – 90’s girls touted Country Apple Bath & Body Works perfume and the newest Britney Spears album.

Here we go: mental disorders are not a trend!!

Before I did some research, the sheer idea of this being a problem was a little confusing to me. But after studying a few BuzzFeed articles Reddit threads badly reputed, yet still credible sources, I determined that maybe this was in fact an issue???!!!??!?!

A quick gloss over the tags in the good ol’ usual butt of pop culture jokes and home of My Chemical Romance lovers everywhere, Tumblr, determined that this ran much more deeply than I’d previously thought. Anyone who’s ever had even the slowest AOL dial-up connection knows that that website is home to some of the most questionable things that have ever appeared on the internet, including all those sites with a single PNG of a sad frog on them. Some examples are blogs promoting meninism, anorexia, and even rape.

I still wondered though – why would you want this? I was sure people wouldn’t think the same of cancer, or leukemia, or some other body-attacking terminal disease. Yet here they were, ranging from 11 to 20, mostly female, white, and middle class, with heavily filtered selfies of them with melancholy expressions and lots of mascara (it was implied that it was waterproof). Their blogs were filled with vague posts about “dealing with sadness” in some font with curlicues and black & white images of some pretty, white girl smoking a cigarette with an “edgy” caption. I would bet five dollars that the user mentioned Effy Stonem or indie music at least once in their bio. But the central feature of these blogs was not British teen soap operas or Arctic Monkeys lyrics on pictures of the sun rising, it was the fact that the person behind the screen had a mental disorder.

So there they were, a little group of people assimilating themselves into the community of people with real disorders, writing their fishy posts with details that didn’t quite add up. Like some sort of funny little clique, they had built a whole identity on these horrible disorders. And then, of course, the blur cleared up just a little. As you probably realized already, like Claire Lyons needed Prada and designer jeans to be a popular girl, these trend-followers needed – or thought they needed – a mental disorder to maintain their carefully groomed blog aesthetics. What they didn’t realize was that you don’t have to have a disorder to continue posting these pictures, or to be friends with and support others in the community. In fact, they probably didn’t consider what would happen once they inevitably got exposed.

By now, it goes without speaking that you have probably realized how disrespectful and flat-out rude this “trend” is. Though I’ve been guilty of it myself, there’s no sense, along with absolutely no ethical or moral basis, in sacrificing others’ dignity for the aesthetic. The bottom line is, mental disorders are serious and real and the people who have them are at a very critical and important place in their lives. Allowing them to be reduced to the level of something to be made fun of or not to be taken seriously is literally (excuse the term) mocking the pain and struggle they’ve gone through. And after all, you wouldn’t want cancer to be the victim of capitalism and be turned into the fodder of “fangirls” everywhere, right? Right?


p.s. what’s a good post without a “the clique” reference?

a recipe for “success”

please do not actually attempt to make.

(you know what i mean)


– 1 cup of brains.

– 1/2 cup of natural athletic talent. (can only find at Genetics stores, sorry!)

– 1/2 cup of social savvy. (you can substitute leadership skills, but the recipe won’t always come out right with these)

– 1/4 cup of privilege.

– 1 tbsp. of speaking skills.

– 1 tbsp. of confidence.

– 1 tbsp. of positivity.

– 1 tbsp. of time management skills. (many other recipes find procrastination fine, but we don’t!)

– 1 tsp. of luck.


1. At birth, preheat oven to “stress tempered by high expectations”. Make sure the level isn’t too high, so when time for baking your product won’t break down and crumble, or too low, or else your product will under-bake and not reach its fullest potential.

2. Take 1 cup of your brains and combine it with your 1/4 cup privilege. Sift these through a private school/elite public school (either works). Meanwhile, mix 1/2 cup natural athletic talent until it starts resembling medals and awards.

3. Slowly combine the two mixtures and 1/2 cup social savvy. Check for hobbies, removing these as you stir.

4. Add in 1 tbsp. speaking skills, 1 tbsp. confidence, 1 tbsp. positivity, and 1 tbsp. time management skills when the mixture starts to resemble the high school stage. Continue to stir until mixture is multi-faceted and appealing to all college admissions officers.

4. Pour into degree-shaped pan and put in oven. Add an equal measure of brains in every year as your product bakes. Check to see if your privilege is still pushing your product upward, and if it isn’t, add a little more so your product doesn’t sink (into debt).

5. After baking for the length of Bachelor’s to Doctorate degree (the longer, the better), take out of oven and drizzle luck over the top. You’re recommended to serve with a healthy dose of bragging, a Porsche, your  dream house, and lots of extra taxes.

6. Enjoy and repeat process all over again!

Love, Jenna.