this is STUPID: june

what’s going on this month (what’s STUPID – stuff, tunes, up, poopy, incredible, don’t)


I’ve been really, really, into this t-shirt made by Explorer’s Press. Also, I’ve been using a lot of the silvery ‘Pots & Pans’ color of this eye shadow/pencil/crayon thing as either a silver eyeliner-ish thing or an eyeshadow. Finally, I’ve been lusting over this SUPER CUTE pair of retro sunglasses and this amazing, vintage looking bralette (by the words ‘retro’ and vintage’, you can probably tell these are both from UO).


Recently, I’ve been experiencing a Lana Del Rey renaissance and listening to Carmen and Video Games by her. Also, for a research project, I’ve been listening to 50’s pop and I don’t hesitate to admit that I’ve listened to Patience and Prudence’s cover of Gonna Give Ya Up Now wayyyyy more than I should have.


School just let out, and on the last day, I had a HUGE fight with my friends. Not fun. They still haven’t apologized, btw. But other than that, not much. I’m trying to start blogging more again, and writing a lot. I’m also teaching myself algebra (when will it STOP) so it’ll be (hopefully) easier to learn during the school year, and going over my basic Spanish so I can pass the Spanish entrance exam at the beginning of the school year. Muy aburrido.


My fight with my friends. The fact that everyone isn’t taking my side. Donald Trump. Christina Grimmie. The Orlando shooting. The weather (it’s been 50~ and raining where I live most of the time).


My friends’ audacity. Christina Grimmie’s brother. The ignorance of people who still think that there shouldn’t be stricter gun laws. The snapchat filter that makes a little star halo around your head. My new post titles. Converse.


…procrastinate on finishing your homework or studying for finals.
…buy a $40 highlighter palette that you’ll never wear.
…call your friends fake (@ them).
…vote for Donald Trump.


Author: jenna

May all your dreams come true (even the ones they laughed at).

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