100 late-night thoughts

just some late night thoughts …

  1. Why are women voting for Donald Trump?
  2. Why are people of color voting for Donald Trump?
  3. Seriously, why is ANYONE voting for Donald Trump?
  4. Is hate cool now?
  5. What is the alt-right?
  6. Guess I’ll Google it.
  7. YouTube time!
  8. Oh my GOD, people still support Hitler?!?!
  9. OH MY GOD
  10. Did this girl bake a birthday cake for him?
  11. THIS GIRL?!?!
  12. People think the Holocaust isn’t real?
  13. Oh shit this guy was in the KKK?
  15. Okay, I hope he isn’t coming for me now.
  16. Does this ‘how to identify a feminist’ video work?
  17. Okay that’s by that Hitler chick.
  18. Still watching though!
  19. Poor girl.
  20. It’s a golden retriever in a Trump hat…
  21. Something I LOVE…and something I HATE…
  22. He doesn’t deserve this.
  23. Poor lil thing.
  24. I thought America was great until I saw Trump’s twitter replies.
  25. Probably shouldn’t reply.
  26. Just ignoring them. Whatever!
  27. Just going to send one reply with a pro-HILZ hashtag.
  28. #IMWITHHER!!!!
  29. Suck my ass, racists!
  30. Figuratively. That’s disgusting.
  31. The racist part.
  32. And the ass-sucking part.
  33. Not slut-shaming though…
  35. Fangirl problems, including:
  36. “I’m too privileged”
  37. “My daddy only makes 2x of the average median income of US residents”
  38. “Like everyone else in the world, I cannot afford to spend $1,000 dollars to meet a crusty-ass white boy”
  39. Time to compose a snarky tweet.
  40. Too mean?
  41. Oh well.
  42. Nice, one like already!
  43. Listen up kids: be a bitch and/or privileged brat and get followers!
  44. The former being me. The latter being fangirlprobs, of course.
  45. Oooooops. One reply to my HILZ HASHTAG already.
  46. I can vote in four years, asshole.
  47. And you can bet your mayo left buttcheek that I’m not voting for a racist.
  48. Did I just get blocked????[!!!!]
  49. Nice!
  50. Can I ever stop procrastinating?
  51. Can I ever climb out of this vacuum?
  52. Am I ready for the cold embrace of the grave?
  53. Is school this bad for everyone?
  54. I’m assuming so.
  55. Why can’t I drag myself to do this?
  56. Maybe I should turn on some music. That’ll help, right?
  58. I can’t believe I used to hate her music.
  59. Can You Believe How Expensive It Is To Look This Cheap LDR
  60. Video Games is I c O n I c !!!!
  61. MAAAARRRRINNAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. Honestly Marina makes Lana sound like Jacob Sartorius.
  64. Better not tweet that.
  65. Oh my god, you look just like Shakira…No no, you’re Catherine Zeta…Actually, my name’s MARINA!!!!!
  66. MODERN GOD!!!!
  67. Whatever, turning on a Marina mix.
  68. Shit, I actually have to work now.
  69. To Kill A Mockingbird is a surprisingly good book.
  70. What do we even have to take notes on?
  71. 6 stereotypes in Southern Gothic novels…plus attributes of a Southern Gothic novel itself…plus plain notes…
  72. 6 x 10 notes for each stereotype x 10 notes for the attributes x ~30 if you do 1 note per chapter…
  73. Holy fucking shit, that’s 100 notes…
  74. Do I really have to copy down 100 quotes into this stupid notebook?
  75. Copy reminds me – I have to SparkNotes Of Mice And Men.
  76. Because I have time to take 100 notes on 100 quotes for To Kill a Mockingbird, AND read another novel, and take 25 notes on 25 quotes for that, too.
  77. Even if the novel is apparently “super short”!
  78. “Only takes 1.5 hours to read”
  79. 1.5 hours where I could be staring into the void.
  80. Or, y’know, doing something.
  81. Running or shit.
  82. Speaking of running, I should start.
  83. WORK!!!
  84. Didn’t you advocate slowly reading, to ‘learn something’?
  85. Won’t happen if 50 of my classmates and I are barreling through the TWO books you’ve assigned at 12:23 AM looking for something, ANYTHING that could possibly be noteworthy.
  86. Honestly, the American educational system sucks.
  87. We always get the most work at the end of the year.
  88. Not my fault teachers can’t pace themselves.
  89. We spent three ! months ! writing an argument essay that was 6 pages long, double spaced, and now we have 15 school days to finish 2 novels.
  90. So happy we have 15 school days.
  91. Even if that means I have to bust my ass this last month or so.
  92. Technically don’t ‘have to’…
  93. Which I should stop thinking.
  94. But I can’t, since I’ve already started.
  95. Yikes, four missing assignments that I have to make up.
  96. 3 for science and 1 for SS.
  97. I don’t even think teachers will accept them anymore.
  98. 125 notes on quotes, plus 4 missing assignments.
  99. Again: when can I DIE!!!!!!
  100. For real this time.

x jenna

Author: jenna

May all your dreams come true (even the ones they laughed at).

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