don’t you hate it when…

you fall off the wagon?

Doesn’t it kind of suck, a lot, when you don’t do what you wanted to do? I wanted to turn this blog into a crankin’, bee-boppin’ TEENAGE EMOTION MACHINE, churning out content faster than a factory in a 3rd world country where the workers aren’t paid minimum wage.

But, instead, overdramatically, I stopped posting. [insert dramatic music] But, now, as without an outlet, my emotions are out of control, I’m going to start posting again. Maybe daily?

This post is just cringe-ity, cringe cringe cringe.

Why am I so afraid of being embarrassed of what I’ve done in the past?

More degree-less psychoanalysis tomorrow.

x jenna.


Author: jenna

May all your dreams come true (even the ones they laughed at).

2 thoughts on “don’t you hate it when…”

  1. Hey!

    I’m so glad you’re back – my inbox hasn’t been the same without your dry + witty commentary on the topic du jour. <3

    I, for one, can't wait to read everything you have to say. It's okay to be embarrassed by the things you've done + said in the past – I think we all are – but just remember that no one judges you harder than you do. I do understand how you feel though (why do you think I deleted all my posts on NtBC dating from 2012-2015?).

    I can't wait to read more from you. Welcome back!



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