high-fives for feminism (part 2)

if you’re a #true #fan of swallowed in serendipity, you might remember a post i wrote right after my blog rehaul titled high-fives for feminism. as i’m feeling very nostalgic right now, i’ve decided to revisit it and go back to the blog i made commentary on the first time and dig up some more sketchy quotes.

 Ladies: you want to be strong and intelligent, right?

Well, Renee Wade, creator of The Feminine Woman, sees the very obvious problems with that. By being independent, driven, and self-sufficient, you might – god forbid! – not fit the definition of a female anymore. That’s right. Females aren’t supposed to have brains! They’re supposed to stay in the home, unnoticed, and serve.

After all, “feminine energy doesn’t thrive on challenge”. Women are not made to think, everyone. Their little brains can’t handle that sort of a workout. Leave the thinking to the men!! Doing these traditionally “masculine things can create disease and dull our beauty”, because that’s the message we want to send to young girls. Trying to be in control of your own destiny, like men have done for decades, should just be left to them! Working hard creates disease! You can’t be beautiful and have a high-pressure job at the same time!

According to Wade, it’s such simple math a woman can do it without straining her delicate bird brain – being smart = being ugly. Scientific fact: the “higher the level of stress hormones in a woman, the less attractive her face was rated by men”. Trust her, the people at The Telegraph, who recently ran a story entitled ‘Brian Blessed: I delivered a baby in a park, bit the umbilical cord and licked the infant’s face’, are experts. Yes, women of America, you shouldn’t work to support yourself because there might be, surprise surprise, stress involved. And stress makes you uGlY to men!!!!! Which means you’ll be ugly. Because a man thinks so. #Fact.

So, to have no stress in their lives, what should women do? The answer is simple! You should make your man feel important and powerful and build up their masculine energy (read: gigantic egos). They should be able to “feel more like a man around you”. How to do this? Affirm their fragile masculinity by making yourself seem weaker, because a relationship can’t have two strong people in it! You should rely on a man and “ask him for help even with the smallest things like bringing the shopping in, opening a jar, carrying something heavy, [and] undoing a knot”.

But no, no, no! Don’t ask him to mow the lawn. Don’t ask him to feed the dog. Don’t ask him to run to the store to get you a last-minute ingredient for the dinner you are slaving over. You have to “make it easy for him to succeed”. Men shouldn’t be held to such a high standard. They shouldn’t have to pull their weight around the house. Men are made to be macho and strong, not responsible! That’s for you, the woman, to do.

If you feel miserable, you must chalk this up to a lack of femininity. You have to work even harder to try and be perfect and please. Trust Renee Wade. You’re probably “in pain because you aren’t giving your gift” of feminine energy to the Man in your life. It must be because you aren’t making your man feel like enough of a man, or because you’re challenging yourself too much intellectually. If you dial back on both of those, you’ll feel way better again, with your permanent place one step behind your man. Isn’t that where women were meant to be? Right?

Ask yourself that.


Author: jenna

May all your dreams come true (even the ones they laughed at).

4 thoughts on “high-fives for feminism (part 2)”

  1. I read the Feminine Woman once, she’s so incredibly sexist. Rachel said in a post in order to be classy you must have long hair. Anyone can perceive long differently so, that’s why I kinda don’t like her.


  2. Jenna,
    I tried to think of something witty or eloquent to say in response to this post (which was both of those things, by the way) but all I can come up with is YAAAAAAS GIRL SLAY.

    Seriously, many many people need to read this and get their eyes opened. I’m proud of you!



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