my september faves!!

monthly faves posts are always so hot. i don’t know why?!?!?

1. – Madden Girl’s “Hollywood” Ankle Boot

These boots are comfortable, easy to walk in, and not butt-ugly. That’s really all I can ask. I’m hoping that if they get wet, which they inevitably will, they won’t have those weird patchy stains on them. Also, unrelated fact – Gaby, formerly of BuzzFeed, has these boots in Stone.

2. – Lush’s “Caca Marron” or “Caca Brun” Henna Hair Dye

One of my friends dyed her hair recently using bleach and she didn’t have the most positive experience. Since I’m a Follower, I’ve also been looking into dye, and this came up. It’s a little pricey but the reviews are through the roof. I’m a little mystified on what it’ll do to my hair, which is jet black, though. Stay tuned.

3. – Scream Queens (TV Show)

It’s not a secret that I LOVE Emma Roberts and Ariana Grande. This TV show is so over the top and funny, and at times, scary as hell. I love Emma reprising her role as ‘heartless b!tch’ from American Horror Story and the Heathers (which is also a great movie) reference in the Chanel clique.

4. – Fjallraven’s “Kanken” Backpack

This backpack is so, so, so cute! Again, it’s on the more expensive side, but it’s supposed to hold up really well and it comes in a lot of nice colors. I’m probably not going to use it for school, but maybe just for traveling and everyday use since I don’t want to spill something on it.

5. – Brandy Melville’s “Raise Boys & Girls The Same Way” Graphic T-Shirt

I can literally pull up a post of me criticizing Brandy Melville’s one size policy and their white models (also saying I’d NEVER buy anything from them), but this shirt is so great. However, you could probably make it yourself with a piece of transfer paper, a shirt, and a printer, which maybe I’ll do.

6. – The Feminist Mystique by Betty Friedan

A book that I had to read for a project. Although it’s got some pretty obvious problems, it’s still thought-provoking and definitely worth reading. Many people say that this is the book that started the modern-day, ‘second wave’ feminist movement.

7. – Two-Bite Brownies Recipe

Oh my gosh. I can eat so many of these in one sitting it’s sad. They’re great with little crushed peppermint candy bits, or with white chocolate chips. You could blend brussel sprouts in these and they probably wouldn’t turn out half-bad. Also, so easy. Probably dangerously easy, to be honest.

8. – MoMA’s Henri Matisse “The Cut-Outs” Exhibit Shirt

Even though the shipping is a dollar less than the shirt itself and this is another thing, again, that you could probably make with some transfer paper and a will (especially since the PNG is literally on the website), I still love this. I’m a slave to capitalism.

9. – Marina’s “FAQin Hell” Neon Nature Q&A

I love Marina Diamondis (also known as Marina & The Diamonds). She’s so adorable in this video, and surprisingly, I sat through all 23 minutes of it while writing an essay. Also, she looks super great in this video – her hair???? her earrings???? her eyeliner????? how????

10. – New Snapchat ‘Lenses’

So soft, so sweet, so great for hiding your insecurities. Who doesn’t want to look like they’re a monster, or like they’re throwing up rainbows?

That’s it for this month. I will try & comment & like everyone’s posts later!!


Author: jenna

May all your dreams come true (even the ones they laughed at).

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