why forced kale is a fail

i’m so sorry 4 not posting!! it’ll never happen again (jk it’ll probably happen a lot)

understand though, blogging always comes last for me, after school, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

i will try & comment on all of your posts later. no promises, though.

someone on twitter: “if you claim to be a feminist and you’re not vegan, then you’re absolutely confused on what the meaning of feminist is.”


 A feminist, according to The All Knowing God And My Savior Wikipedia is a person who “advocates or supports the rights and equality of [all] women.” As in, human women. A feminist can be the #1 supporter of equality and rights and still not give a sh!t about veganism/vegetarianism and the reasons behind it.

Don’t get me wrong – I believe people who dare to go vegan or vegetarian are really pretty incredible and cool and I love hearing about their diets and/or the cause behind it. What I don’t love is if they try to force their (sometimes, but not always, sick and twisted) opinions on others, or like the example above, make misinformed connections to make people who don’t support your cause feel guilty, confused, or less-than.

I am so tired of vegetarians/vegans who do that. Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot more posts on various social networks practically screaming at omnivorous people for their eating habits, which is a little twisted. I DON’T CARE and YOU SHOULDN’T CARE if a person doesn’t eat meat for whatever reason. It’s a life/religious choice for you to decide, for yourself, not for anyone else. Same goes both ways. Meat eaters, don’t roll your eyes at vegans who believe it’s the right choice for themselves. Each to their own.

Sometimes, people like YouTube user and vegan ‘FreeleeTheBananaGirl’ and her army of supporters, try to justify their insults like “fat psychotic b!tch” and questionable comments such as “it’s good to lose your period” and “get a thigh gap” by saying that they are just giving health advice. Obviously, playing footage of people like Cassey Ho (better known as Blogilates) and Bethany Mota, and practically screaming at them for their dietary suggestions is not health advice. The comments about people who criticize her, and her twisted fitness comments aren’t ether. Let them eat what they want to! Don’t give advice that includes depriving yourself of the things you want! Don’t make b!tchy comments about things like mental health and weight!

There are other vegans/vegetarians who say that if you eat meat “you’re killing the animals would you kill your dog for food huh huh HUH”. Well, obviously you are, but many animal lovers aren’t vegan/vegetarian, for reasons that have to do with health, religion, or just plain what you want or what you don’t want. Besides going completely green, there are ways to protect the animals we eat without not eating them. Activists like sTemple Grandin, who ate meat herself, helped provide more humane conditions for the cows we eat as beef in life and death. Also, eating meat is a part of the life cycle!! Humans, as a species, were made to “kill the animals”.

You can make suggestions. You can even make sales pitches about why you should go vegan/vegetarian and all the great reasons to do it. Just don’t be b!tchy or rude or disrespectful or whatever. There’s a thin line between gentle nudging and having pushed to far. Let’s take the ‘prod’ out of ‘vegetable products’.

- jenna.

disclaimer: not all vegans/vegetarians are like this, obviously. but the ones that are really do exist, and they are quite unpleasant.

Author: jenna

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