my july faves!!

since i have no inspiration since i think it’d be fun to do, i’m going to do a quick favorites post at the end of every month!

This month has been filled with lots of bug bites and Canadian accents, where I’ve been for exactly 1/2 the month so far??? So accordingly, these are my July favorites!

1. – Lush’s “Love” #GayIsOkay Soap

This soap is amazing. It smells so refreshing and looks so pretty that I didn’t want to use it. It’s also for an incredible cause (“money from your purchase funds grassroots campaign groups around the world”), and cheap for Lush-branded products. Overall this is really, really worth the money.

2. – The Fairmont Empress’ Scones

These scones are amazing!!!!!! They don’t use shortening, just a lot of heavy whipping cream. I usually leave out the raisins, and have them with strawberry jam, lemon curd, and Devonshire cream.

3. – VSCo Instagram Filters

You can make your Instagram feed cute like you are <33333333

4. – PacSun’s “Blue Mid Rise” Skinny Jeans by Bullhead Denim Co.

I just ordered these jeans. Originally I wanted to get boyfriend-style, more ripped up ones, but I just looked it up and my school’s dress code doesn’t allow it, because apparently they hate kneecaps. Nothing much else, they’re just basic jeans.

 5. – #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

A feminist anthem! I want to shove this book in my parents’ faces to show them that going to an Ivy League college isn’t the only path to success.

6. – Teavana’s “Strawberry Lemonade” Herbal Tea

After probably robbing Teavana of thousands of dollars in tea samples by drinking five of those little cups every time I go to the mall, I finally decided to buy some of their tea, and it’s absolutely amazing. I love how it’s great both hot and cold.

7. – Fjällräven’s “Kånken” Backpack in Ochre

I really want this cute lil backpack (or the bigger version) for school, but I think I’ll probably end up getting something more practical and less expensive that I can spill random crap on and won’t feel bad about.

8. – Saturn Peaches

I’ve always called these doughnut peaches, but apparently that is their real name? They ARE better than normal peaches. Maybe it’s because of their shape. I just like them better????

9. – Marina & The Diamonds “Blue” Music Video

My favorite song on the album!!!! Pastels!!!!! Dance moves!!!!!!! Sunglasses!!! Purple lipstick!!!!!! There is honestly nothing bad about this.

10. – Everyone dragging Carter Reynolds’ on Twitter

I think this one explains itself.

So, there are my favorites for July. I hope you found this post funny or informative or at least didn’t regret reading it?? I think I’ll be doing these monthly or semi-monthly, at least so I have something to post.


Author: jenna

May all your dreams come true (even the ones they laughed at).

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