why jeff weldon should be kicked out of big brother, right now

(contains spoilers from the live feeds for the current season of bb17)


 Hey, CBS!

Now, we already knew that this season was going to have a resident a$$hat (following patterns from the last two seasons of Big Brother). Jace Agolli, the Hayden-meets-frat-boy of the season, put up some good competition by returning to high school and “bullying” the nerd in the house, which you so kindly didn’t mention in the edited episodes. However, following these events on your live feeds, Jeff Weldon has it won.

If you don’t know what happened (of course you do), last night, Jeff was sharing a bed per Big Brother custom, since there aren’t enough beds for everyone in the house to have their own, with Liz/Julia Nolan, who is part of a twist that has her switching places with her identical twin. She had a bandana over her eyes that stopped her from seeing anything he was doing. While they were talking, he appeared to be masturbating under the covers. Then, he turned to her back and patted it, telling her that there was a “sticky, gray stain” on her tank top. Regardless if this was actually semen or some other nasty fluid from ‘down there’, it goes without saying that this was completely inappropriate. By law, this qualifies as sexual harassment.

Now, we know that Big Brother has had their houseguests do some pretty sketchy things in the past. It’s bound to happen when you put 10 – 16 good looking, privileged people who’ve been protected from the consequences of their behavior in a house where they have to tear each other apart for half a million dollars. But in all my binge watching, I have never seen something as blatantly disgusting as this. This is partly due, of course, to me having not seen the live feeds for seasons 1-14, but still – Jeff Weldon’s actions are unprecedented for TV and unfair towards Liz and Julia. And he needs to know that.

So, basically, your job is to do two things. One – make Liz and Julia Nolan aware of what happened, and two – expel or at least issue a penalty to Jeff for his actions and show your viewers exactly what happened. He needs to know that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated by you, the producers, or by America. I hope, that at least this once, that you can set good television and “twisty twist twist twists” aside to right a wrong in the house.


p.s. – please sign this petition to expel jeff from the house.

Author: jenna

May all your dreams come true (even the ones they laughed at).

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