High-Fives For Feminism

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So, I visited a website

You’re probably thinking this won’t end well. It won’t. Well, by some wayward chance of fate (I was looking up hobbies that teenage girls can do easily, okay), I stumbled upon this gold mine. Like, literally, gold mine. What I mean is GOLD MINE for GOLD DIGGERS looking to find a sugar daddy, plus such genius titles as “Vulnerable Craving Hearts Attract Devoted and Trustworthy Men“. I’m being serious. This is a direct quote. So, without further ado, I present:

How To Be Feminine!!!! A Guide 2 Bringin Out UR TRUE VALUE…harness UR unique feminine Energy!?!?!?! I x-puh-lain the quotes U should live by! (srry for the baad speling, im too busy cooking&cleaning to go to skool!!!)

“If we are born more feminine than we are masculine in our DNA…our hearts and souls are actually suffering from not having that freedom to be in our feminine.”

Yeah, right!!! Because not being treated like a human being because of your gender is totally justified and our souls are suffering from the lack of freedom…to be treated like sh!t by men. Toooootes.

“There’s an opportunity cost of being in control of our career, finances and lives.”

Well, sure dodged a bullet there. I would not want to have the chance to make a living for myself, to be independent. If I had gone to college, earned my Ph.D, and worked my a$$ off, I would have sacrificed my totally existent “feminine karma” to have something to fall back on. Not worth it at all. Whew!

“So, the more we reject different parts of ourselves that are dying to be expressed inside, the less whole we really are, and the less High Value we are in relationship to men, generally speaking.”

Omigosh, you’re really right! Your Value is 168% based on what a Man thinks of you. Praise Man!!!! We can’t live without him. We’re perfectly happy with being treated like an animal, up for sale. ‘This girl has stocky shoulders, she’s only worth a little’ ‘wow, this girl is a beauty and she’s harnessed her feminine energy. let’s keep her and give her the greatest gift of her life’.

“We can then go and practice embodying different energies such as surrendering to our softer, flowing, feminine energy and letting ourselves be open to the strong direction of a masculine man.”

I’m starting to realize now. We need to let men boss us around. They should tell us what to do!!! We’re inferior to them. Oh, Heavenly Masculine Man, please be my guide to the hardships of the world. Let me follow your every command, do everything you say. We’re not bo$$y, or bo$$es. Why be either when you have the great MAN.

“I feel these men as a gift – mainly because it IS a gift.”


“Women are not a gift to the world when they do more. They are less of a gift when they do more.”

i !! cannot !! do !! this !! anymore !!

After about five minutes, I literally could not do it anymore. Why do people think they have no value without a man? A gender is basically just determining if you’re bigger or smaller, and if you have something dangling from somewhere. Gender doesn’t define you. You define Gender

You’re amazing. You’re talented. You don’t need no man. You’re not bossy, you’re a boss. Say it out loud three times. C’mon. Do it. I’m not talking to you until you do.

Until then,



Author: jenna

May all your dreams come true (even the ones they laughed at).

7 thoughts on “High-Fives For Feminism”

  1. This post is absolutely incredible! I wanna print five thousand copies of it and plaster them all over town! I’m a feminist as well, so the moment I saw the title I was like “Yup, I’m gonna like this.”


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